NJ FileMaker Developer Group Meeting Recap – 08/31/2011

We had our first monthly meeting after the FileMaker Developer Conference this year yesterday. We moved to a new location: Essex Computers 185 Rt 17 North Paramus, NJ 07652 (201) 576-0001 The new location is cozy, there is a projector, the tables can be folded up so we can even dance (if we care to), […]

Software Development Life Cycles in the FileMaker Development Arena

Software development life cycles are well understood in the industry. However, most of our clients are from fields completely unrelated to software production. With this article I aim to give the prospective client a little insight into how the process works and why we charge for creating an estimate. I have some friends who are […]

Top 10 Suggestions If You Want To Hack At A Database Yourself – For In-house FileMaker Developers

All FileMaker developers start somewhere, and that place is definitely not being a certified independent developer. I started by being an in-house developer. Working in a busy environment, all you have time for is cranking out the features that your boss needs, right away. Nobody has time to think about consequences. My job was to get […]

NJ FileMaker Developer Group Meeting Recap – 04/27/2011

The evening started with dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant in Ridgewood, NJ, called Malee, where we all had a lively discussion of all non-FileMaker related matters, then we walked over to the Ridgewood Education Center, our regular spot. Jesse Barnum of 360 Works and John Sindelar of Seedcode were our guests to show us […]

FileMaker 19 Hosting

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