Good-Looking Progress Bars In Portals

Now the demo file is multi-platform. Hopefully, I am not the only FileMaker developer who would like to see good-looking progress bars in portal rows. It is not the easiest task to achieve this, however. Most web developer friends wold say, they don’t understand the problem. They would even offer to make some javascript code […]

Navigating Hidden Tabs On A Layout Via Drop-Down Menu (with demo file)

This post contains a free demo file that will show you how to use hidden tab controls and navigate them dynamically via a drop-down menu. The menu automatically gets generated based on the tabs on the layout. This technique can be freely implemented in your solutions.

Protecting Customer Data – Solutions For A FileMaker Developer

In the process of creating solutions for their clients, FileMaker developers often find it easier to put the client’s database(s) on their own desktops, notebooks or servers rather than connecting to a remote computer. A lot of clients I deal with don’t pay too much attention to security, and it’s our job as developers to […]

FileMaker Server-side Scripting

Running scripts from FileMaker Server can dramatically reduce execution time. I have been an avid fan of server-side scripting since it was introduced in FileMaker 9. Now, with the introduction of FileMaker Go it is more important to take the burden away from the client and do as much processing on the server as possible. There’s […]

Agnes Riley presented the FOCUS Framework to the NY FileMaker Developers’ Group

On June 10, 2010 Agnes Riley of ZeroBlue presented the FOCUS framework to the NY FileMaker Developers’ Group. The demonstration included the main features of the free FOCUS framework, from how to quickly create tables and layouts and how privileges allow/disallow navigation. Participants also learned how you can modify the framework with your own design: […]

FileMaker 19 Hosting

FileMaker 19 Hosting with WebDirect:

  • Servers in your location, literally anywhere
  • Several Plans
  • 20 Gbit Ethernet pipe (blazing fast!)
  • 256-bit industry standard security with SSL certificate
  • 30-day backups
  • Best-in-class support (email, phone, text), reach a human being in the US
  • Free trial!


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