What We Live By

Be truthful

If we bill by the hour, we will only charge you for hours worked, no extra buffer. For larger projects we assess the work and give you a fix bid that we stick to.

Be adventurous

Technology changes, so should we. We thrive on learning continuously so we can provide you with cutting-edge solutions.

Be mindful

We’re a small business just like you. We understand words like budget and we use layman’s terms.

Be available

You can find us by email, phone and chat when you need us. We respond to most support requests within hours.

Who We Are

Agnes Riley

Agnes Riley

Owner, Chief Architect

Agnes held several positions in Hungary that were not IT-related, but always ended up solving computer-related issues. It was not until she came to New York that she had her first IT job. The last decade revolved around systems, networking, graphic and web design and, later, more and more FileMaker development—what was once done as a hobby became a full-time profession. She excels at creating clean interfaces and user-friendly applications. When not at her desk, she enjoys learning about new technology, photography, skiing, and riding her motorcycle.

Certified in FileMaker 10-15

Other skills: HTML, CSS, print and digital design

Jack Vincilione

Jack Vincilione

Web & FileMaker Developer

Growing up, Jacques always enjoyed working with computers, and started doing graphic design when he was 16. From there he began web development at 18, and FileMaker development at 19. Since then he has continued enhancing his skills in both areas and is now “fluent” in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and jQuery.He and his family live in the Atlanta area, and he spends a lot of his free time training and learning. He has a real passion for Web Development, and technology in general.

Robert Kapas

Robert Kapas

FileMaker Developer

Robert has applied his talent in many professions, from printing to journalism, from event organizing and sports management, from delivering proofs of concept to managing post-launch operations. Since chess is his favorite hobby, logic and strategy are not foreign to him. And because the future is all about computing, he found his way into the continuously evolving world of technology. In his free time he serves as a referee at chess tournaments, plays soccer and enjoys boxing.

Certified in FileMaker 10, 12 and 13