NJ FileMaker Developer Group Meeting Recap – 08/31/2011

We had our first monthly meeting after the FileMaker Developer Conference this year yesterday.

We moved to a new location:

Essex Computers
185 Rt 17 North
Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 576-0001

The new location is cozy, there is a projector, the tables can be folded up so we can even dance (if we care to), but most importantly: it has WIFI (yippee). Also, on your way in or out you can pick up Apple computers or accessories from the friendly staff at Essex Computers.

We did a quick recap of Devcon to see what people though of it, what sessions they found interesting and the general consensus was that it is worth going to devcon, we liked the changes FMI implemented this year, but we could use more content next year.

We also assessed damage caused by Hurricane Irene among our members and luckily no major damage was done, aside from some basement flooding. Some folks are still without power and we wish them a speedy repair process. We also learned one of our member’s client was not so lucky and his office was flooded. He might not have luck with saving his hard drives and might not have backup.

Takeaway: We cannot emphasize enough: back up, back up, back up. If you have no server, back  your (closed) files manually into Dropbox or use Mozy or some similar service. If you have a server, use SafetyNet from 360 Works. The plug-in itself is free, all you have to pay for is the files you back up.  My SafetyNet backup cost me ~$5/month, so does Mozy. I also use Dropbox for manually backing up files I develop locally. Dropbox is not meant for hosting FileMaker files for multiple users. It is not a FileMaker Server. You can easily corrupt your files, aside from the fact that you can lose data.

We got two new members to the group: welcome Sharon and Drew. It was interesting to learn that form a room full of people only 1 person has a degree in computer science; the rest of us just picked up the trade on a job or by ourselves. Hope we didn’t intimidate the newcomers much and you will come again and again with questions and eventually suggestions and ideas.

The group is open to anyone whether you;re just getting your feet wet with FileMaker or are a seasoned developer. If you’re just generally lurking, please don’t be shy, come and join us. Join our Google Group for discussions, meeting reminders and more.

Thanks, Adam Aronson of Full City Consulting, for hosting the group and finding us a new home!

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  1. Adam Aronson says:


    Thanks for the writeup and the promotion of the group! It was great seeing you last night as well as the two new members.

    And, yes… Thank you for emphasizing and recounting our customer’s backup story. We’re working with that customer today to recover what we can.

    Adam AronsonFullCity Consulting Inc.Coordinator and Host of the NJ FileMaker User Grouphttps://fullcityconsulting.com

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