Project Analysis

Every building is as good as the plan that it is built on. Nobody will build you a house without blueprints. We operate on the same principle.

You are turning to us because your process could use improvement. By just building you a database/website that mimics your current operations you might not gain as much as you could. We help you improve your process. Throughout the whole process we will need to communicate with you frequently to make sure we are in sync every step of the way.

The first hour of consulting is free. During that you can tell us about what you would like to accomplish, what the project goals are.

Project Analysis is a paid process. We understand you might have a tight budget and we will work with you. We generally charge for 10-20 hours (more for larger projects) to create the proposal. It is the most important phase of your project and you want to make sure it is done well. E.g if you track 3-5 items (projects, people, tasks, etc.) and your process is straight forward, we’ll charge you 10 hours for it.

We then come in (or meet you virtually, if you’re not too close) and start planning your project. We need to learn what you do and how you do it. Just because you are an construction firm it doesn’t mean you operate the same way as all the other construction firms. Everyone does things a little differently. We may know the principles of your business, but your unique way is what differentiates you. We need to spend time with you to absorb all the steps you take to service your clients.

Then we come back and take the information, filter it down, perhaps recommend you a few modification to cut down on extra steps to save you time and effort. We generally build in phases. We recommend you put your most immediate requirements into phase I, start using the system, then we can move onto phase II.

After the project analysis step we create you a spec that we can build from and create mockups (wireframes) that will show you what your new solution will look like.

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