FileMaker Go and Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Ever thought you could do inventory on the GO? With FileMaker Go and a Bluetooth barcode scanner such as the Scanfob® 2006 1D or  the KDC300 2D Barcode scanner. Barcode scanning is the most efficient way to enter data into a computer. If the data to be entered is barcoded, using a laser scanner is 50 times faster and 10,000 times more accurate than manual data entry.

If you think FileMaker Go and the Bluetooth barcode scanner combination is a solution you can benefit from, please contact us so we can discuss the details.

Add FileMaker Go on an iPhone or iPad to the mix and you have the perfect solution for real-time results fresh from the field. Imagine scanning attendees at an event and having a count right there, right then, at your fingertips. You save time and money by not needing to go back to your office to collect and analyze the information.

Get work done…without being chained to your desk. No mobile device at hand? No problem! Scan in batch mode and then download the codes (with timestamp) when you are back in the office.

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Barcode Scanning in the News

January, 2014, Melbourne, AU – Based in Melbourne, Victoria she had been running Chris Hooper Promotions with a simple FileMaker database created in-house in 1995 and linked to an online ticketing system. Read More

10/14/2010 – It’s a trend that many predicted, but has taken years to materialize. With broad commerce implications, mobile barcode scanning has officially arrived — up 700% this year, according to a new consumer adoption study from barcode technology provider ScanBuy. (from, Read More)

10/26/2010 – Testing a Bar Code Technology for Smartphones. (The New York Times, Read More)


This year at GCA (Georgia Center for Assessment), we implemented a program of scanning out the hundreds of thousands of barcode-imprinted exam booklets from our facility for security and accountability purposes. Using the Scanfob 2005 Bluetooth scanner paired with our iOS devices has been an incredible asset to have for our staff with its ease of use, light weight, accuracy and portability. We would not be as efficient without it. Thanks to ZeroBlue for selling and supporting a great product!