Are you still using FileMaker 6 or 11? We can bring you into the 21st Century.

We can convert your existing solution, combine a multi-file solution into a single-file solution and optimize it to run under the latest version of FileMaker.

The current version is FileMaker 13, which introduced a number of great new features:

  • Native Charting
    Create stunning charts without the use of a plug-in in FileMaker, so you can see your data in pictures in real time.
  • Enhanced Reporting
    Make reports in a spreadsheet-like fashion; group and summarize your information on the fly, etc.
  • Snapshot Links
    Create a Snapshot Link file to send someone a specific set of records preserving the same layout, view, and sort order.
  • Recurring Imports
    Import data from the same source effortlessly on a regular basis.

Contact us to get you started.

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