Document Scanning In FileMaker

We like to save trees. But we realize every office has to deal with paper. We all receive mail, checks, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, etc.

Filing cabinets are:

  • Difficult to search

  • Prone to Water and fire damage

  • Take up real estate

  • Cannot be easily accessed by anyone

Documents in FileMaker are:

  • Easy to search

  • Safely backed up on a server

  • Make space for break room

  • Easily accessible by anyone

All you need is:

The ScanSnap scanner barely takes up the space of a 8.5 x 11 sheet on your desk yet it’s very fast and it offers:

  • Intelligent paper feed detection
  • Blazing 20ppm color scanning
  • 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

The workflow is the following: you feed the scanner something, push the button to scan in the FileMaker database, your document pages will show up in DocKeep so you can rotate or eliminate some pages. Then you can save them to your record in your FileMaker database. It doesn’t get easier.