How We Work

The needs of every client are different, so each project is approached differently. Still, our development philosophy remains constant.

Stages Of Software Development

We don’t presume to know how you run your business. Before we start development, we’ll spend time with you to learn your industry and your process so we can help you determine exactly what kind of solution you require to achieve both your short-term and long-term objectives.

In this stage we assess your needs and requirements, create mockups (wireframes), create the overall design and write the proposal. This is the most important stage. At the end of this stage you will know the project costs and time frame.

We then go back to our cubby hole, turn up the music and start churning out the solution. We might come back with questions and we appreciate a quick-turnaround and availability on your part.

Though we test the solution as it’s being built, we also reserve time for thorough, end-to-end testing before releasing it to you for your own testing and acceptance.

Large development houses hire testing companies and write elaborate test plans. We can help you write test plans and test accordingly. Every aspect of every process needs to be thoroughly tested to make sure the end result is to your liking.

We guarantee to fix our bugs for free within 3 months of deployment. After that period we offer affordable maintenance plans for minor modifications (adding fields), creating and monitoring schedules, maintaining backups and clones of your database.